Volta for SMART FOOD: Km.0 Map

28 January, 2015

Il Colombaio Restaurant in Casole d’Elsa

27 January, 2015

Click here for: Pictures and an interview to the chef of the restaurant.



27 November, 2009

let’s make a (very special) map!!!

27 November, 2009

In order to make clear what you want to communicate to your friends why don’t you make a brain map?

Go to      www.bubbl.us and have a try!

create tag clouds!

13 November, 2009

Create your own tag clouds: go to    www.wordle.net or to   www.tagcrowd.com



11 February, 2009



9 February, 2009

11_08_38_thumbGo to this site  to play games…in English!


some useful sites to get copyright FREE IMAGES

9 February, 2009




8 February, 2009

here is a site that offers a list of hundreds other very useful sites, dive into it!


some useful sites for good students

17 January, 2009
here are some useful sites for your researches:

I suggest opening an account at www.gmail.com so that you can share documents or presentations going to the section “documents”

You can choose  http://www.furl.net/ as bookmarking to record and order those sites you think to be good for your researches.

If you are looking for some extra info on certain subjects maybe it could be useful to go to www.teachertube.com

and if you need some tutorials look for them on http://it.youtube.com/

In case you find something really nice and relevant that you want to add to your research or to this blog do not dowload the video or the document (it is not yours), just create a link to it.

Anyway, if you need to dowload videos from youtube  try:


http://www.youtubex.com/ to download

http://media-convert.com/conversione/ to convert

enjoy yourselves!

la biottega francigena

1 April, 2016

biottega francigena


1 April, 2016

foto la montagnola miele

Foto aziende

27 January, 2015

contribute to our wall!!

27 February, 2011

here is our new wall, please stick a note about your contribution to our Water project


Hi I’m a new student!!!!!!

6 October, 2010

Hi I am a new student of liceo classico A.Volta I like this school. I live in Siena. My favourite sport is riding,  I practise also basketball .I like listening the music, my favourite song is “We are the world”. In my  free time I like going to the disco or to party, but new I am very busy …-.-“. My favourite book is Narnia and my favourite film is Avatar

kiss kiss

Hi from a new student

6 October, 2010

Hi, my name is Nicola, I’m 14 years old. I’m from Colle, I like Greek and Latin. I don’t practise sports.

Hi from a new student!!

6 October, 2010

Hi everybody! I’m a new student of the IV A Ginnasio of  Colle but I’m from San Gimignano. I’m a tall boy with brown hair and eyes and I’m 14 years old. I play tennis for 5 years 3 times every week. I also like playing football (my favourite team is Juventus!) or meeting my friends in the weekend. My favourite sport players are Nadal and Buffon. I like listening to music, especially pop and rock.

Bye bye everybody by


hi, from emma

6 October, 2010

Hi! my name is emma. I am doing 4° A. Volta. I’m 14 because I was born on 13 august ’96. I like english in fact two years ago I went in england, at London with my family. in my family we are six: my father Paolo, my mum Donatella, my grandmother Rosa, my two sisters Lara and Angela and I. I love group is “my chemical romance” but I love also the “queen”. my favorite producer is Tim Burton, I like his films because they are very interesting and full of  fantasy. we live with eleven cats, we love this animals. bye-bye.