Martina Guidi / Crepes – Base Recipe

Crepes – Base Recipe


100 g of Flour

50 g of Butter

1/4 l of Milk

1 Egg

Some Sugar


Amalgamate in a terrine the flour, the egg, the sugar and the butter (dissolved before) and then add the milk little by little, mixing all the compost. When the mixture is completely fluid and without lump, let it cooling for 30 minutes. Then pour a bit at a time (about 4 spoons) in a pan, warmed before with some butter. When the crepes begin to seem compact, reserve it and cook the other side.

Then spread on it what you like the best.

For more informations or curiosity you may visit this site: click here

Or you can watch this cool video about how cook crepes in a different way: click here

Enjoy your meal!



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