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la biottega francigena

1 April, 2016

biottega francigena



1 April, 2016

foto la montagnola miele

Volta for SMART FOOD: Km.0 Map

28 January, 2015

Foto aziende

27 January, 2015

Il Colombaio Restaurant in Casole d’Elsa

27 January, 2015

Click here for: Pictures and an interview to the chef of the restaurant.


contribute to our wall!!

27 February, 2011

here is our new wall, please stick a note about your contribution to our Water project


Hi I’m a new student!!!!!!

6 October, 2010

Hi I am a new student of liceo classico A.Volta I like this school. I live in Siena. My favourite sport is riding,  I practise also basketball .I like listening the music, my favourite song is “We are the world”. In my  free time I like going to the disco or to party, but new I am very busy …-.-“. My favourite book is Narnia and my favourite film is Avatar

kiss kiss

Hi from a new student

6 October, 2010

Hi, my name is Nicola, I’m 14 years old. I’m from Colle, I like Greek and Latin. I don’t practise sports.

Hi from a new student!!

6 October, 2010

Hi everybody! I’m a new student of the IV A Ginnasio of  Colle but I’m from San Gimignano. I’m a tall boy with brown hair and eyes and I’m 14 years old. I play tennis for 5 years 3 times every week. I also like playing football (my favourite team is Juventus!) or meeting my friends in the weekend. My favourite sport players are Nadal and Buffon. I like listening to music, especially pop and rock.

Bye bye everybody by


hi, from emma

6 October, 2010

Hi! my name is emma. I am doing 4° A. Volta. I’m 14 because I was born on 13 august ’96. I like english in fact two years ago I went in england, at London with my family. in my family we are six: my father Paolo, my mum Donatella, my grandmother Rosa, my two sisters Lara and Angela and I. I love group is “my chemical romance” but I love also the “queen”. my favorite producer is Tim Burton, I like his films because they are very interesting and full of  fantasy. we live with eleven cats, we love this animals. bye-bye.