1. The Origins

Heroes and Monsters: BEOWULF

1. Definition of a hero (dictionary)
2. Definition of a monster (dictionary)
3. Definition of a hero (encyclopedia)
4. Definition of a monster (encyclopedia)
5. Modern Heroes
6. Modern Monsters
7. Our personal heroes and monsters

8. The epic hero, characteristics and models
9. The mythical monsters, characteristics and models
10. A little contribution to Vikipedia
11. Beowulf: the protagonist
12. Beowulf: the monsters
13. Beowulf: the poem
14. Our personal response to this poem
15. Our personal production: prose or poem on a hero or on a monster.

Historical approach to a foreign civilization: THE ANGLO-SAXONS

1. The Anglo Saxons from a historical point of view
2. Maps of Europe
3. What was happening in Italy at that time?
4. The civilization of neighbor populations ( Celts, Romans other barbarians tribes)
5. Artistic achievements
6. Daily life

7. Their language

8. Their literature
9. Beowulf historical value
10. Beowulf artistic value (Tolkien)
11. Decline of the Saxon
12. The Normans arrival

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