A story with “S” G. Cecchi, M. Montagnani, B. Picardi, V. Valiani

Sandra and Sergio go to Siracusa with their sons: Sofia and Stefano.

They arrive at seven o’clock in the morning and after they go to the seaside.

They put on the suncream but they burn their skin!

After midday they have lunch: they eat near the sea.

Sandra cuts some salam,  Sergio prepares the salad, Stefano eats a lot of sausasages and Sofia, that is only seven months, eats some soup.

At half past six they go to the hotel to have a shower and at half past seven they go to Siracusa’s centre to found a tipical restaurant.

At a quarter past nine they go to the cinema to see “Shrek”.

The sons have a lot of funny but when they go out to the cinema they are very tired!

On the street for the hotel they see a lot of monuments and at half past ten they go to bed.

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