Destination Slovenia. Marianna Arcese e Olivia Corti

Destination Slovenia

Last year we went to Slovenia with our families and some friends. We left on Friday, the 24th of April, after school, we travelled by our cars, but we had a little bus, too. The travel was very long because there was a lot of traffic. We arrived in Vhrnika, a little city near Lubiana, at 10 o’clock: all the restaurants were closed so we ate an hamburger in a little fast food near the hotel where we stayed. The hotel was very beautiful and we had a room only for us. The first day, after a big breakfast, we went to the Bohinj’s lake: it was wonderful! Then we visited some beautiful waterfalls. For lunch we ate “goulash”, a typical dish, in a little restaurant. After that we went to Bled, a small town near another lake, and we stayed there for all the afternoon. In this town there are a typical cake called “Bled’s Cake”: it was delicious! For dinner we went to a traditional restaurant called “Gostilna Lectar”: we ate a lot of strange dishes! Then we came back to the hotel and we went to bed. The following day we visited the “Postojna Cave”: inside there it was very cold! We liked it very much! Then we went to “Predjama Castle”: it was very strange because it was hollow in the rock. After lunch we went to Lubiana, the capital of Slovenia. For dinner we ate in a good restaurant. The next day unfortunately we must returned home. We’ll remember this holiday for the rest of our life!

Marianna Arcese

Olivia Corti

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