Finding Nemo-Beatrice Virginia Enrico Carlotta


Recently Walt Disney Pictures presented an animation film about a little fish called Nemo, and his adventure in the sea. Nemo lives in the coral barrier with his dad, Marlin.

They are two clownfish and they live in an anemone.

One day Nemo is abducts by some men, and they put him in the dentist’s aquarium with other fish and they became friends. Marlin is very desperate and he starts to find his son.

During his searching, he founds a crazy and forgetful blue fish. They live a funny adventure and they meet also tree sharks, a lot of jellyfish, a big and kind whale. In the same time Nemo in the aquarium projects to escape. With the help of these animals they find and set free him. In the end of the story Nemo returns with his father in their house-anemone in the sea. Now they can continue their life in harmony and with more friends.

This animation comedy is so funny and you can be sure that will laugh. This film has had a lot of successful in all the part of the world. In fact in Paris, in the Walt Disney’s park there is a Russian mountain about “Finding Nemo”. You are in a shell of a turtle and you travel in to the scene of the film while you run in dark.

We like so much this cartoon because it’s so nice and funny and it’s different by the other story, as a matter of fact it teaches the important of the friendship and the confidence in the other people. Maybe the stuff of the Walt Disney chose like mean character a fish because it is often like live in a big aquarium, where we must stay forever without freedom.

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