My holiday in positano gianluigi

Two years ago I have been in holiday to Positano in Campania. it is a truly beautiful place, specially all the water of the sea is very beautiful one and very clean, the welcoming in hotel has been very optimal and all it was very beautiful have to go every time in bedroom with the funicular at the fourth floor. Also the staff was not at all badly, the waiters was most nice specially one barman, his name is Josuè he was very nice and much witty. The bedroom where I have lodged was truly beautiful, with a balcony with sight on the sea, television LCD with SKY, a discreet bath and two beds. In the hotel they have been often in swimming pool, truly beautiful and comfortable, also there was a barman particularly witty his name is Giuseppe who had literally vitiated me, because when I exited of swimming pool, at midday, a very tasty cocktail, he prepared me always a cocktail at fruit, fact with Sanbitter sprite, juice of peach, pear juice and… not memory more. Then the morning at breakfast was the foods more varies to you, from the Macedonian to eggs and bacon and from drink went from the hot chocolate chocolate to the orange juice. I knew them also a Russian boy (from Moscow) that obviously he spoke English, I met him in swimming pool even if then I do not have it more talk again. During the holiday, I have visited also the sea, them the beach is not that classic clear brown, but it is made to stones that prick, but there is a spectacular overview. This holiday has been very fantastic that I won’t forget and I council to everybody a similar place, to all those who will even read this composition.

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