My school

I want to speak about my school. It is in Colle, quite far from Certaldo, my town. I’m in the first year of Classic Liceo, where I study especially humanistic subjects: Italian, Latin, ancient Greek. They are very fascinating!! Of course, I study maths and English too.

My school is very big and I like it. There are two gyms and some sports ground outside. There are many classes-more than 34! Well, in the same building there are two school: mine and the Scientific Liceo, where students study more scientific subject; for example, I have two Math’s hours in a week and they have 5;besides, they don’t study ancient Greek.

My school isn’t very old: it is about 20.      Before choosing the school, I also visited the Classic Liceo of Empoli, another big town. It was worse and very very old: my parents studied there!!

To get  to Colle I have to catch a train and a bus, so I have to leave Certaldo at about eight o’clock; then, I arrive in Poggibonsi, where I catch the bus that take me in front of my school. If the train or the bus are late, of course I arrive late at school. My professors get angry because of it!!!

This is my school and I like it very much: I have to study there for 5 years!

Lorenzo Fioravanti

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