Our fantastic journey!

One day we hope to organize a journey to three of the most beautiful cities in Europe: Barcelona, Paris and London.

ParcGuell We arrived in Barcelona with a low cost flight in the evening and we go to the hotel to leave the suitcases in our room. After we immediately go to visit the city, the first monument we are going to see will be the beautiful “Sagrada Familia”. The next 3 or 4 days we will visit the rest of the city: “las ramblas”, “Parc Guell”, “Casa Milà” and the other beautiful monuments in the city. Unfortunately, after five days we will have to return at the airport to catch another flight that will take us to the French capital, Paris!

The arrival in Paris will be wonderful. The “Eiffel Tower” will accompany our first night walk  through theparigi streets of Paris. The next days as usual we will visit the beautiful monuments in the rest of the city, as:  “Louvre Museum”, “Arc de Triomphe”, “Notre Dame de Paris  Cathedral”, “Opera de Paris”,  “Sacre Coeur Basilica” and “Sainte-Chapelle”. But definitely will  not fail a short visit to one of  the best restaurants in Paris or a walk for the shops on the  “Champs Elysées”. But the time for visiting Paris is finished and we will go to the airport to catch the flight for London, the final  city of our journey!

We will see from the plane the beautiful city of London, the “Big Ban”, “Buckingham Palace” and many other Londonmonuments illuminated for the night.
We travel by tube to search of our hotel to spend the night so as to be ready for the next five days.
The next morning, we go outside of our hotel and we breathe the air of London. There are some magnificent place but the most beautiful monuments are: “House of Parliament” or “Palace of Westminster”, “Buckingham Palace”, “Big Ben”, “Westminster Abbey”, “St. Paul’s Cathedral”, “Westminster Cathedral”, “Royal Opera House”, “Tower Bridge”, “Tower of London”, “Trafalgar Square” and “Piccadilly Circus”. And after five days is really difficult to leave a city so beautiful, but we will have to return to airport to catch the flight to return to Rome.

Unfortunately, London is the last leg of our journey.
We hope to organize this trip one day!

Rebecca Milani & Gianna Esposito

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