Recipes Gianluigi Gamberucci


The Porridge is a simple dish prepared making to bubble oats in water, milk or both


1 cup of fenels of oats

1 apple

1 spoon of raisins porridge_large

1 spoon of sugar of integral cane

1 pinch of knows them




cream of sesame or almonds

milled almonds

black sugar cane molasses

cinnamon or dry ginger

maple honey


To put to bubble a cup of oat flakes and two iters of water, tto add a pinch of cut apple to slices, some raisins and an integral cane sugar spoon.

Left to bubble on small flame for approximately 10 minutes (large oat flakes employ more). You can add to dates and medlars, cream of seasame or milled,almonds, black sugar cane molasses, cinnamon or dry ginger, maple honey.

SECOND RECIPE: GREEK SALAD (σαλατα ελληνικα)

The Greek Salad is a simple dih, prepared with traditional ingredients



4 tomatoes

1 cucumber

1 capsicum greens

1 onion

200 grams of black olives

300 grams of feta (The Greek cheese of goat)

100 grams of yogurt

oregano, marjoram, oil, salt and pepper.


To cut to segments the tomatoes, to cut to slices of cucumbers, to cut slices of capsicum and slices of feta; to arrange the vegetables in a flat with the olives and a pinch of oregano. To add to the yogurt, salt, pepper, marjoram and to mix, therefore to dilute the sauce with 4 oil spoons and to pour it on the salad.

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  1. ashely Says:

    in what countrie did the greek salad originate i know in greek but where in greek

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