sacher cake

Sacher cake recipe  cake Sacher Ingredients for 10 servings:


150 gr of flour
– 150 grams of dark chocolate
– 150 gr of butter
– 150 gr sugar
– 5 eggs.

80 g of apricot jam;
glaze coverage
100g dark chocolate, 70 grams of sugar

Preparation: Dissolve in water bath, the dark chocolate with 2 tablespoons of water and leave to cool. Working in a bowl until the butter along with sugar, cooled chocolate, the egg yolks and the egg whites until stiff mounted. Sieve the flour on the preparation and mix-down, making sure to mix well. Butter and flour a 26 cm cake, pour in the mixture, level the surface and bake at 150 degrees for 30 minutes. When cooked, let the cake cool and cut into 2 disks of equal thickness. Spread on a disc the apricot jam and cover with another disc. Prepare the glaze by dissolving in a casserole, preferably a water bath, chocolate, water and sugar, then spread on the surface of the cake and frosting it solidify at room temperature.

Molina Melissa

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