When i went…in London-Rebecca Gigli

Hy my name is Rebecca…and last summer i went to London,i had a lot of fun: i meet so many person who come from different country as japan,Spain,Russia,france and others, i have visited so many part of London like big bang,backingham palace,the house of parlament…the only think who i didn’t like???The food and the rainy waether but for the other things all was great!!!!!!!!

I left from Pisa aeroport on August,i was so exated for the new adventure…a was in a little group who came from Livorno.We arrived in London at gatwick airport there was a nice girl waiting for us…we arrive in a beatifull college who was bilt by queen Victoria I.

I stayed  there for 2 week…What had we done for al that time?We had to study,but we also had the disco,a lots of excursion in brighton,oxford,

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