my new school is the best school…


I pretend an humanistic school in  Colle val d elsa. I love this  school but it’s so difficult. I like the subject in this  school. I  love italian english and history but I hate the other subject, like latin and greek.  This subject can be very beatifiul but they aren’t easy. When I arrived in the school I knew that it is more difficult  then the other school but  I didn’t know that a school so beautifiul could became a very difficult school.  I love the people in the school but my classmates arebest. I would like to stay more time with they but we live in differents places.We are a lot of people but the teenagers in my class are very friendly. We have a lot of problem with the new subject but i think that it isn’t impossible to change the marks.  The people in the high school are different when I was in the secondary school I thought that  there are very infantly  people …    bye bye                                                             Benedetta Balestri

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