hi, from emma

6 October, 2010

Hi! my name is emma. I am doing 4° A. Volta. I’m 14 because I was born on 13 august ’96. I like english in fact two years ago I went in england, at London with my family. in my family we are six: my father Paolo, my mum Donatella, my grandmother Rosa, my two sisters Lara and Angela and I. I love group is “my chemical romance” but I love also the “queen”. my favorite producer is Tim Burton, I like his films because they are very interesting and full of  fantasy. we live with eleven cats, we love this animals. bye-bye.



6 October, 2010

Hi!!!my name is jacopo!i’m a new student of at liceo classico A.volta.I live in Belforte a very small village.This school is fantastic but is small.I have meet many people very interesting. I’m studying two now subject:latin and  . At the moment my favourite subject is latin,english,history and greece.I play the waterpolo for two years and play piano for one years.My hobby is play the videogame,music,sports and read the book.

Hi,I’m a new student!!!!

6 October, 2010

Hi everybody!!I’m from Poggibonsi and I m a student of the Liceo Classico at Colle. I think that this school is fantastic…

I play tennis, and my favourite tennis player is Roger Federe. My favourite football club is the Internationl of Milan. My favourite rock band are the Kiss, but I also like the AC/DC  and the Iron Maiden.My favourite subject is History.





hi students!!!

6 October, 2010

Hi! i’ m a new student and my name is Virginia but I prefer that all my friends call me Virgi…  I’ m from Poggibonsi and I’ m happy to be a new student of Liceo Classico. This is the first time that I write in this blog but I hope to return soon to write. I think that this school  is very fantastic… there are a lot of people and I enjoy all my “school days” because I like  all the  subjects and I like my class a lot !!! we are already a big group and I like this thing!!! My favourite  subject is greek and latin… but all my friends told me: “You will think about it again!”. I practise archery… a strange sport but it very relaxing and good for health. now I must go to write my english homework!!!



hi, I’m a new student….=D

6 October, 2010

hi I’m a new student of liceo clasicoA.Volta…I’m doing the 4° ginn.

i have 14 years old and i live in Siena, so all morning I take the bus….I like this school, it is too big…..^^I choose the liceo classico because my favourite subjects are italian, history and english. In my free time i like read a book or listen the music…i like the music of the Beatles. at the week-end i like stay with my friends, go to the cinema and go to the disco!

good look at all for this school year,

kiss….. Benedetta

Filippo (:

6 October, 2010

Hi! My name is Filippo! I am a new high school student at liceo classico! I live in a village called Tavarnelle V.P. I play handball for four years. The school is fantastic! When I got here I knew no one, but now I have found many friends, they are fantastic!!!I hope to meet many new friends there!

Hi!!from Serena

6 October, 2010

I’m a new students in this school, and I hope enjoy at Liceo Classico A.Volta! in my class there are a lot of people, but they are very funny. I’m studying two new subjects, Latin and Greek. They are quite difficult, but very interesting…My favourite subject is Latin(at the moment)!! I’m live in Colle that is a very beautiful town: I like it!!

Bye Bye Serena


6 October, 2010

Hi, my name is Sofia and I’m a student.. I live in Colle Val d’Elsa a small city between Siena and Florence. I’m studying of A. Volta Liceo Classico. Tuscany is a place fantastic! There are many wood, and the country is wonderful. In the school I have meet many people : Laura, Serena, Filippo, Jacopo, Dumi, Virginia and Bernardo are my new friends. I study in the afternoon with my friends in my Grandmother’s house, then we go out for a walk and for take a pizza together.  I hope to learn the latin and the greece.

I’m a new student 2010-11

6 October, 2010

hi my name is Edoardo I’m from colle and I like this school very much

Hi from a new student

6 October, 2010

Hi, my name is Edoardo and I think this blog is fantastic.