Amadeus Mozart was born on 1756 in Salisburgo. His mother was the daughter of a lowly prefect. His father was a musician and he did a music education to his son. Mozart showed immediately special musical gifts and since small  he does shorts compositions. Mozart has played in many cities, for esamples Londra and Paris, but especially Vienna. He didn’t play only the piano, but also the violin. Mozart wrote several works, including these: “Le nozze di Figaro” and “Requiem“. Mozart’s music is defined as the classical music for excellence. Despite his ability he was a physically weak man, in fact he died suddenly in 1791. Mozart is buried in a mass grave and the couses are still unknow. Some people say has been poisoned. I chose this artist becouse I love playing the piano and becouse I like his works…I hope that one day be able to play!

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