Guns n’Roses

Guns n’Roses is my favourite rock band. They were born in 1985 in Los Angeles and they have selt also 100million of cd. The band in the beginnig was fomated by Axl Rose (and the name of the band came from his surname) and by Saul Hudson, in art Slash, one of the most important and famous guitarist in the world, his riff are know all over the world. They began their career in a small stock, called “Hellhouse”. After Izzy Stradlin (rhythm guitarist), Duff McKagan (bassist) and Steven Adler (drummer) added to the band.In 1987 they pubblicated their first album: Appetite for Destruction, and the next year they pubblicated G n’ R Lies. The most beautiful cd for me are Use your Illusion I and II (1991). They had pubblicated many cover, for example Knocking on Heaven’s Door (written from Bob Dylan).

The singer Axl Rose was crazy, in many concert he jumped in the middle of the crowd, and he had many problems with drugs and alchol, but for me, despite the caracter and the madness, he was one of the greatest singer in the time. Infact he was givening an intervieuw he said “My fortune is my mouvement on the stage”

Now they are separeted, although Axl Rose have pubblicated a cd last year: Chinese Democracy.

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