OUR SUBJECTS (Logi, Bartalini, Dell’Anno)

Greek language is another important and difficult subject in my school. It is more difficult than Latin and we have four hours at week in Ginnasio, and three hours in Liceo. In Greek like Latin we’ll take tests and interrogations every month. In Liceo we’ll study the biggest ancient writers and their literary works.



In my school Latin language, together to Greek language and italian, is the most important subjects. The first two years the Liceo Classico is called Ginnasio, and remaining three years are called Liceo. In Ginnasio are five hours of Latin language at week and in Liceo are four hours. In the first two years we became translate from Latin into Italian, and study Latin grammar. In Liceo we’ll study Latin literature, also. All months we’ll take a test, a translation, and we’ll make two or three interrogations for four-month period. Often we’ll take tests of Latin grammar, also.



A  subject that we study in liceo classico is history. At only lessons, while the teacher explanes, we take notes that then  have to study for next lesson. In the early two years called Ginnasio we study ancient history in particolar Greek and Roman history that is more enchanting. Then in the another years called Liceo we study a medioeval and modern history. History is a oral subject, in fact only month the teacher we do oral test.



Another subject that we study is geography. This subject is studied only early two years for two hours a week. We study custums, territories, populations of the five continents.



Religion is the only optional subject in the school. For all five years we have an hour of Religion at week, and often Religion can help you. Our book of Religion is divided by chapters and every chapter talking about of a different subject. For example talking about of the different Religion in the world, the life of Jesus and a lot of argument. Religion is an interesting and funny subject.



English language is another subject that we study to Liceo Classico. You can study English only two years or every five years.  If you don’t choose experimental mode, you study English two years. In the experimental mode we study grammar the first two years and  English literature the  three year. We study English three hours a week; we learn to speak English very well, but it isn’t a simple thing!! At the 3th year to Liceo we do Pet, an international English test. In general we do a test only months and another we do an interrogation. With test and interrogation the teacher give you a mark We hope this mark are usually good!! In our school they organise an English teatre. At it can go everybody. It’ s a wonderful idea for approach the students with English.world-wide-school-scuola-inglese-di-napoli-corsi-d-inglese-gratuiti_11

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  1. liceoclassicoavoltacolle Says:

    very good, I love your pctures!

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