OUR TEACHERS (Paludi, Bonarelli, Spinelli)

We have five teachers. They are:

Teacher of Italian

Claudia Mecattini is our teacher of Italian, Latin, Greek, History and Geography. She is fantastic and nice. She cames from near Siena. She studied at University of Siena and she  graduated in 2003. She spends 18 hours with us. She is very strong because she is very low with marks. She is cute but impeccable. She wears glasses because she is short sighted of four degrees.

She wears always trousers and blouse. She is little and slim. Her hair is long and brown, her eyes is brown.

Teacher of English

This is the our teacher of English. Her name is Patrizia Del Lungo. She was born on 8th April. She is slim, she has court, brown hair, she wears so modern, she is nice. she has two children. she likes travel and read. She lives in country side. We have three hours of English in the “Liceo Classico sperimentale”. In this hour we speak English, we do some activities, we have a correspondence with some people English, we study the grammar, and we learn the English costume. We usually study in class, but often we are going to the lab. The usually lesson is divided into speaking and listening. She is more creative, and so she involves us in the lesson. during the last three years she would take us in Anglo Saxon countries to learn English language.immagine1

Teacher of math

The Math’s teacher is very funny and nice, she was born in Colle val d’Elsa and she lives in. She teaches in liceo scientifico and classico, she thinks that for us Math is very difficult, ( it’s true!). She is a good teacher because during the lesson she explains clear and then we exercise with him. Her favourite colour is blue, her star sign is Gemini and she’s confusing, sociable and ironical but always attentive! She has blond hair, she is medium, usually she’s wearing red shoes very pretty and shirts very fanny. We know his not very much, she is the new math’s teacher and she stay with us all year. We hope will be happy together!immagine2

Teacher of phisycol education

Filippo Nardini is our teacher of Physical education. He is very nice and cute. He spends only 2 hours with us. He cames from Volterra. He studied at University of Pisa and he graduated . He is very nice and placate. He isn’t very tall and  he’s average. immagine3

Teacher of Religion

The Religion’s teacher: her name is Laura Pellegrini, she was born in Buonconvento, on May , but during the school’s time she lives in Colle val d’Elsa. She is very nice, good, sensitive, affectively, she loves us and she is always ready to listen us and our problems. She laments because an hour at week to carry out religion’s program is not much, she’s right! She doesn’t give us never homeworks, and we had study only for the test. During the religion’s lesson we can spoke with his on many arguments. She calls this tipe of lesson : “spoken”. She likes dancing the “salsa” every week, and usually she’s wearing stiletto heels very high. She is skinny, tall, her eyes are sky-blue, and she has brown hair. She feels always very happy and in particular when she is with us. The most important her phrase, that repeats every day is: “you aren’t container of contents !” and we agree! immagine4

The caretakers

Luciana is our caretaker. She wears glasses. She comes from Colle val d’Elsa. She works in this school since ten years. She love the chocolate. While we are in the classroom, she read many books or newspaper.

His associate is Alessandro.

During the day they keep clean the school, they bring the advices in all class. When we exit of the school they clean the class room. When they have a free time they do the crosswords and Sudoku.

They stay near the automatic machine on their desk.immagine6


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