OUR TYPICAL DAY (Ciappi, Bruni, Nencini)

 During the week :

We get up very early in the morning, at 7.00 we have breakfast at home or at the bar in front of the school. We usually eat biscuits or croassant, drink milk and  hard coffee.

At 8.00 we take the bus at the station, then we arrive at school. The lessons start at 8.25, and when the bell rings we are sad, after we go into the classroom and sit down at our dask.
At Liceo Scientifico the students study science, maths, biology, and others scientifical subjets.
At Liceo Classico we study Greek, Latin, italian, history etc.
in the recration we buy something to eat, go to the toilet and talk together. When the lessons finish, we return to home.
We have lunch. The tipical italian food is : pasta with tomato sauce, meat and vegetables with bread and some fruits or a dessert.
After eaten we stay in our room at the pc, and we watch telefilms on tv.
Unfortunately we must do homework, and they are a lot!
In the evening we have a snack and then we go to do sport or play an instrument.
Then when we come back home we have a shower and we go to have dinner with our family.
During the meal we talk about the day and something else. When the dinner is over, we help our parents to clean the table.
Around 9.25 telefilms become, and we usually watch them. At last we go to sleep in our comfortable bed! Good night.
During the weekend :
On Saturday we go to school in the morning as the others days of the week, but in the evening we often go out with friends.
After lunch we have a shower and wear our best clothes.
We stay out all night long, and sometimes after dinner we go to the pub or at the cinema.

But as Leopardi said : it is better the waiting than the day when you obtain what you were waiting for.
So we are not very happy, but we know that our life as student is not very bad!










4 Responses to “OUR TYPICAL DAY (Ciappi, Bruni, Nencini)”

  1. liceoclassicoavoltacolle Says:


  2. liceoclassicoavoltacolle Says:

    very good job!!

  3. liceoclassicoavoltacolle Says:

    thanks a lot! could you add any pictures?

  4. liceoclassicoavoltacolle Says:

    there are the images but from the school computer they cannot be seen, but we do not know the reason

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