The Tempest W.Shakespeare Marco O.Torres ft. Silvio Mazzei


The play show frequently the virtue of persistence. Wizard Prospero exhort many times Miranda to don’t give herself at luxury. Likely the party was centred on  Giunone, god of chaste marriage, without Venere and Eros, luxury’s gods. The party ends with water’s nymphs and cutters burned by sun, in an allegory where humours will be balance with elements.

The play sentenced the intemperance mostly in the episode of Stefano and Trinculo drunkard where prisoned, but even with the punishment wich Prospero gave to Calibano when him try to reap Miranda.

The Theatre

The tempest is interested about its nature of play. The shipwreck was a show of Ariel; moreover Antonio and Sebastiano were characters of a company; the eyelids of Miranda were curtains adorned. We could notice a reference of Prospero to Globe Theatre, when he told that all the world is only an illusion. Ariel  makes herself up as a mythology’s creature.

Many reviewers said that Prospero is a representation of Shakespeare: the magic’s renunciation of Prospero is the Shakespeare’s neglects to the scenes. Prospero is a reincarnation of  Hamlet’s mask.

The Reign

The motif of the reign’s usurpation return frequently on the play: Antonio usurped the throne of Prospero;  Calibano sentenced Prospero because he thought that he usurped the throne arriving on the island; Sebastiano projected  to kill his brother, king of Napoli; Stefano wanted to became the king of island usurping Prospero. In the same time the play is interested about the virtuous monarchy, presenting various possibility. The reviewers saw in Prospero the character of a native submissed by the imperialism.

The magic’s art

The magic’s art is the central argument of the Tempest, in fact Prospero can control the Ariel’s spirit with his spell. With magic he created the tempest, and he can control all the events of the island. The magic is used to also create many scenes of the play. In the play there are  two kinds of magic’s art: Prospero’s one, good, and Sycorax one, bad.

The colonialism

In Shakespeare’s time were discovered many island in America; and people talk about many legends of Caribbean’s cannibals. With Calibano’s character Shakespeare wanted to present a good reflection about the colonialism, in fact there are some points of view. Calibano is the only human character that live in contact with nature.

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