Our school up to now

Alice and I go to the first class of Classico Liceo, this year. We have a class of 27 students and, when we started the school, we knew only about seven people because they live in Poggibonsi. They are very nice. We haven’t a lot of friends in the rest of the class, maybe becouse the school has started since few time. But in the school we have a lot of friends and during the interval, at half past eleven, we can talk and enjoy ourselves with their. So we are doing frindships day to day. We chose this school because our favourite subject is italian and because there is only a bit of maths. There aren’t a lot of subjects, there are only nine of them. We do a lot of hours of italian, latin, and greek. This school is wonderful and I like so much the atmosphere. There are also some negative aspects. Infact we must study a lot every day and this is too boring. The teachers are nice enough even if, sometimes, we are angry with some of them. But it’s normal. We are so happy for the results of the tests of the differents subjects. There are some problems for italian’s tests but we hope to resolve it with effort. So, at the end, we are happy for the choices of last summer when we chose this school.

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