We are dog sitter!

During last week-end we try to work as dog sitter (dog walking). We decided to try this experience because it makes us sad to think that there are hundreds of poor dogs in the kennels that just want to play or have a house to live. It’s a fantastic experience! We have not earned a lot of money but it’s a part-time work very amusing. If you try this experience you can take a dog from the kennels for a day. In the morning you must get up early to walk with the dogs but you have a good time and you can play, run and eat with it. There are a lot of parks where you can walk and play with your best friend, the dog. Our dog’s name is Biscotto, because when we go to take it from the kennel we give to he some biscuits. Now we often go to Biscotto and his friends, the other dogs in the kennel. The next week-end we hope to go to the kennel to take another dog for a day.

But if you don’t want to work as dog sitter, there are other ways to help the dogs in the kennels, as:

  • Donate food to the dogs (tins, cookies, etc.);
  • Do voluntary service (cleaning the cages, feed it, etc.);
  • Do some donations to the kennels (money);
  • Search a house to live for they.

We give to you an advice, you must try to do one of this little works, it is beatiful!

Rebecca Milani & Gianna Esposito

One Response to “We are dog sitter!”

  1. liceoclassicoavoltacolle Says:

    good idea and well done!

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