We live in a little town situeted  in the middle of Valdelsa, Tuscany, calling Poggibonsi. All around there are a typical Tuscany’s landscape formated by many hills, famous for the important wine’s production. Poggibonsi is a big common in the country of Siena. In this town lives about 28.000 people. During the “second war world” has been bombarded many times and for that reason there are a lot of new buildings. In our town there are many churches, monuments and a lot of important firms. In the country near Poggibonsi we can found two beautiful castles; Badia and Strozzavolpe, and Medicea fortress. There is also a sanctuary: the Sanctuary of S. Lucchese, the patron of Poggibonsi, and the day of celebration is on 28th of April. Between Medicea fortress and S. Lucchese there is Source of the Fairies, a very ancient building. Poggibonsi is a very important commercial centre near Siena and Florence, and we can easily reach many important towns: Castellina, Volterra and San Gimignano. We are very happy to live here!

Rebecca Milani & Gianna Esposito

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